The Unfinished List


Updated November 2, 2017

Personal Projects:
King sized quilt (top sewn)
OK quilt
Messenger bag
Weekender Bag
Quilt for new house

OKCMQG Projects:
Finish color quilt (take photos)
2018 Gallery Quilt
Small Group Quilt

Projects for Others:
Tom quilt (need to blog)
CB boy quilt (need to quilt)
K quilt (need to quilt)
JV baby quilt (need to blog)
Preston’s Quilt (FINISHED)
Prep requested patterns as printables

Long Term:
No Left Turn Quilt
Scaled down travel bag for toiletries
Make a donation quilt to have on hand
Hillside Houses quilt (in progress)
Button flowers & paper leaves
New side-table runners – solid HST
Retile fireplace
Magnetic board for recipes
2010 New Year’s cards (Finish or not?)
Daisy or butterfly punch collage
Make new Christmas stockings
Make a jewelry cabinet
Artwork for bedroom?
Scan all photos into computer
– Organize photos
– print into books
Sew all baby flannel in boxes into blankets to have on hand