Camp Craft: Washer Necklaces

I was lucky enough to be asked to be in charge of the craft at our Church Girls’ Camp this year. It’s a challenge to come up with a good craft for 150+ girls that: a) is easy enough to do without a lot of one on one instruction; b) won’t break the bank; and c) doesn’t involve hours and hours of prep time.
If you’re on Pinterest you’ve probably seen the inspiration for this craft here.  It’s pretty cute. I saw it in my head a little differently when shopping for beads, and after a few trial runs at Girls’ Night Out, came up with this final version.

Washers with drilled hole – done with a regular drill press and 1/8″ drill bit
Jump Rings
30″ Ball Chain – from
Seed Beads in Assorted Colors
Larger Silver Beads
26 Gauge Wire
Needle Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters

I set-up a table with each bead color in a styrofoam bowl. Small Dixie cups were at one end so the girls could pick the colors they wanted and carry them in the cup. It only takes a pinch of 4-5 colors to have enough beads.

At the other end of the table were “kits” in zip-lock, snack-size baggies. Each “kit” contained a washer with jump ring attached, ball chain, and two 12″ wires. Each wire was curled at one end. I also had a paper towel for each girl to use so the beads wouldn’t roll around as much.

Bring a twisted end up through the center of the washer. Bend it over the edge and hold in place.

Pull the wire taut and to the LEFT of the twist and pull through center of washer. This is to secure the wire and keep it from unwinding on that end.

String 4-5 beads on the wire and then wrap to the RIGHT of the twist and pull through the center. Continue beading and wrapping. They look especially cute when you overlap the wire every so often, rather than laying the beads flat and side by side.

When you have about an inch or two of wire left, tuck the end under a wrapped strand, pull taut and twist the end.


Make sure to curl under and flatten the end of the wire so you don’t get poked or scratched down the road.

I love a craft you can individualize, and that’s exactly what the girls did. No two necklaces were alike. Cost was approximately 75 cents per necklace.

In other exciting events, the OKC Thunder made the NBA Finals! Excitement doesn’t even begin to describe what’s going on in this town.

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