A Quilt for Ivy

I am so glad to get this quilt out of my house…
Not because it was a nightmare to make, but because Ivy is already 4 months old! Oh, that face!
Ivy’s family came to Oklahoma for medical school and I’ve selfishly been pleased when plans have changed and their stay has been lengthened. Her mom, L, is hilarious and just “one of those people”. You know, the one that everyone likes…The one you want to seek out and sit by… The one that always has a crazy, self-embarrassing  story… The one that can fit the most marshmallows in her mouth to win at “Chubby Bunny”…
L and her family are getting close to their last year or so in Oklahoma and I’ve warned her that I need a good six month warning before she leaves. I, along with others, have had so many great times with her as we’ve worked together and watched her family grow. I trust that we’ll both remember those times together fondly and that this quilt will be a reminder to her of the love and friendship that will always be in my heart.

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