The Unfinished List


Updated January 1, 2017

Personal Projects:
King sized quilt (top sewn)
OK quilt
Paper pieced project
Messenger bag

OKCMQG Projects:
Finish color quilt
2018 Gallery Quilt
Small Group Quilt

Projects for Others:
Tom quilt (need to blog)
CB boy quilt (need to quilt)
K quilt (need to quilt)
JV baby quilt (need to blog)
Preston’s Quilt (FINISHED)
Prep requested patterns as printables

Long Term:

No Left Turn Quilt
Scaled down travel bag for toiletries
Make a donation quilt to have on hand
Hillside Houses quilt (in progress)
Button flowers & paper leaves
New side-table runners – solid HST
Retile fireplace
Magnetic board for recipes
2010 New Year’s cards (Finish or not?)
Daisy or butterfly punch collage
Make new Christmas stockings
Paint art work for kitchen. See inspiration here.
Kitchen cart. Tile top or paint?
Make a tablecloth for square dining table
Make a jewelry cabinet
Artwork for bedroom?
Scan all photos into computer
– Organize photos
– print into books
Sew all baby flannel in boxes into blankets to have on hand